Mid-conference Tour
Organizing committee is running an exciting tour during the IEEE PEAC'2018, through this tour participants will gain on-the-ground knowledge of the history and diversity of culture in China. There is an additional charge for participants who wish to attend the tour. Please make your tour booking with Travel Service Agency directly.
Splendid China-Folk Culture Village
Splendid China is a tourist area in Shenzhen's Chinese Overseas Town and is located at the scenic Shenzhen bay. Splendid China is the biggest and richest live-micro scenery tourist site in the world today. It takes up an area of 300, 000 square meters.
The Chinese Folk Culture Village, which is separated by a wall from and stands beside Splendid China. The China Folk Culture Village covers an area of more than 200,000 square meters. It is China's first large-scale cultural tourist attraction consisting of different folk art, customs, and architecture, including 25 villages of 22 ethnic nationalities built according to a 1: 1 proportion.
November 6, 2018
99 USD
(The final price depends on the number of participants.) 
Travel Service Agency
China International Travel Service (Shenzhen Branch)
Contact Person: Ms.Yangchun Qu
8:40-15:00 Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre to Splendid China-Folk Culture Village

8:40 After breakfast, assemble at the lobby on the L floor of the Crowne Plaza at 8:40, we will transfer to Splendid China by 9:00am sharp.

10:30 Arrive at Splendid China around 10:30AM to begin the one-day tour. The scenic spots of “Splendid China” are organized according to their geographical position in China. The entire garden looks like a giant map of China. These spots may be divided into three main groups: ancient architecture, folk customs, and landscapes.

12:00 Enjoy lunch in Chinese style in the scenic spot

13:00 Chinese Folk Culture Village

Then we move to the Chinese Folk Culture Village. The Chinese Folk Culture Village takes as its building motto, “from everyday life, higher than everyday life; gather the quintessence with careful selection”. This reflects China's varied and colorful folk culture from several different perspectives.

In addition to watching different folk performances in the various folk villages, visitors can enjoy larger scale theatrical shows. These include the Golden Spear Dynasty, Oriental Costume, Chinese Dragon and Phoenix Dance, and the like.

15:00 Assemble and plan to return to the Crowne Plaza Hotel, that is that end of the one-day trip. (Expected to arrive at the hotel by 16:30)


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