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Company Introduction
NetPower is a world-class brand of DC-DC power conversion products and is now expanding its business to assist emerging suppliers of high-quality power conversion products to effectively penetrate the global market.
NetPower has been in power conversion business for nearly two decades. Originated from Lucent Power Systems, NetPower designs and manufactures high-density and high-performance DC-DC power conversion products suitable for a wide range of applications including telecom/networking, industrial automation, electrical vehicles, and railway systems. NetPower has extensive experience working with sales representatives and distribution channels in North America and Europe, and has earned a long list of satisfied customers from start-ups to blue chip OEMs.
NetPower’s Dallas based multi-cultural support team consists of experts with extended product design and application experience. By providing in-depth knowledge and experience from the start of a system design and at the onset of a given engineering challenge, NetPower helps its customers to facilitate speedy resolutions to application issues and reach the right solutions in system designs.
In the last decade, the power conversion industry has gone through tremendous changes with majority of the design and manufacturing activates moved to fast growing and cost competitive areas. China has become the land of power in both design and manufacturing. Most of the leading global brands in power conversion sector established their R&D centers and manufacturing facilities in China. China domestic brands of high quality power conversion products began to emerge through years of learning and battling with the global leading brands. Some of these local brands are now capable of making market leading performance products at more competitive cost than the big brands. But most of them are facing a serious challenge – get recognized and accepted by the global customers. The cultural difference, communication barrier, lack of channels, plus the different time zones all add up to a huge gap that is hard to cross by themselves. NetPower is committed to become a partner, different from any traditional sales channels, to bring quality-proven suppliers to the global market through NetPower existing global sales channels and technical support capabilities, as well as through a professional community and fair marketplace – Coowa platform which enables the most efficient engagements and transactions worldwide and will be co-exhibited at the show.
Welcome to NetPower/Coowa booth at PEAC 2018.

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