Lonten Semiconductor Co.,Ltd.
Lonten Semiconductor Co.,Ltd.
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                                         Fax: 86-29-8665 8666-5555
                                         Email: xiacheng@lonten.cc
                                         Website: http://www.lonten.cc/
Company Introduction
Lonten Semiconductor is a high-tech company specially engaged in R&D, manufacture and sale of innovative power semiconductor devices. By dint of preferential supportive policies of Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone, rich human resources of Xi’an as well as attention and support by the government in recent years, Lonten has a consistently experienced strong growth by building solid partnerships with both its customers and IC suppliers. From its inception, Lonten has persisted in investing power device fields, cultivating R&D talents and developing advanced technologies, in hope of providing better services to customers and now owns a national-grade power device testing & application center. We engage in original designs and have filed 72 patents in designing and application of power semiconductor. LONTEN semiconductor strives not only to be the best important supplier of power semiconductors in China, but also in the all world.
Lonten has won great recognition in semiconductor industry due to good enterprise reputation and stable product quality. Our power products conclude 200V-900V super junction MOSFET series products, low-voltage Trench and SGT MOSFET series products, 600V-1200V IGBT series products, 1200V-1700V IGBT Modules, Fast diodes and other new products, which provide efficient and magnificent solutions to application areas such as switching power, inverter, UPS,etc. Lonten power semiconductor provides optimized design, advanced technology and reliable packaging. Our power products which are well-known for their low power consumption and high reliability, have been widely used in kinds of power supply, covering TV board, chargers, adapters, computer and server power, LED drive power and industrial power supplies areas.

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