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Company Introduction
Magtron Intelligent Technology ,a leading magnetic electronics company ,who is focusing on the programmable sensor SoC design and provide the intelligent sensor technology.The core sensor ASIC R&D center is located in Silicon Valley, California, USA,and the sales and manufacturing facilities in Marseilles, Europe, Tokyo, Japan, and Chennai ,India. Shanghai China.MIT will provide more convenient and cost efficient solution for global market ,and bring more innovative products to intelligent transportation system, automotive, new energy, robotics, motion control, track tracking and other industries and applications.
MIT is providing the SoC product which integrates the sensor based on Quadcore TM or iFluxgate TM technology. MIT releases the SoC current sensor with Quadcore TM technology which integrates the PGA and is adjustable for different current level and achieve the high accuracy with low zero drift.MS series product with ultra small package can replace the opt-coupler amplifier,transformer and so on .it makes the resistance becomes more intelligent with fully current sensor function integrated .With the intelligent sensor ASIC,the current sensor becomes smarter and cost effective.JCB,MS and other series who integrates programmable module saves customer’s cost ,provide customized service conveniently.The first leakage current RCMU ASIC,MT series that integrated iFluxgate and Self-Check.RCMU has the secured self-checking function which enable the sensor compliant for UL and VDE,JET safety standard.RCMUs are high cost effective products designed for new energy electric vehicle,charging station,breaker and PV inverter.
The intelligent traffic sensor WVD101 series and WVD301 series who integrate GMR,iFluxgate sensor are designed for ITS,They get wireless transmission which can simplify the vehicle sensor configuration and the installation in the road .it has the world’s smallest package and its self-adaptive networking technology to ensure the data interchange efficiency and has been applied to the city dynamic traffic and city intelligent parking project around the world,etc.  

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