Sinomags Technology Co.,Ltd
Sinomags Technology Co.,Ltd
                                         Address: A11 Building, No.1 JinXi Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China
                                         Tel: +86-510-85626780
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Company Introduction
Sinomags is a chip-level magnetic sensor producer based on TMR (Tunnel Magnetic Resistance) technique. The company owns a group of R&D more than 40 people,covering multi areas from MEMS, chip design, circuit design to magnetic circuit design, etc. Simomags highly respects technique innovation, including Current Sensor, Magnetic Detection Sensors, Thickness Detection Sensors, Magnetic Image detection sensor. Today, Sinomags holds over 100 patents at home and abroad. Armed with the knowing well of TMR core technique consistent spirit of pioneering.

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