Prof. Hirofumi Akagi
Prof. Hirofumi Akagi
Tokyo Institute of Technology
IEEE Fellow
Title: Trends in Power Electronics for High-Power Applications
Abstract: This talk focuses on present situations and future trends of power electronics intended for high-power applications. The speaker starts with medium-voltage high-power high-speed and low-speed motor drives using modular multilevel cascade converters with different circuit configurations, respectively. He shows some experimental waveforms obtained from a few downscaled systems that were designed, constructed, and tested in his laboratory.
Then, the speaker presents the 750-V, 100-kW, 20-kHz bidirectional isolated dual-active-bridge (DAB) dc-dc converter using the latest 1.2-kV 400-A SiC-MOSFET modules. This power conversion system consists of two dc-to-ac and ac-to-dc power converters and a single-phase medium-frequency transformer, as well as four auxiliary inductors. The maximum conversion efficiency from the dc input to dc-output terminals is as high as 99.5% at 31 kW, and 98.9% at 100 kW, excluding power losses of the gate-drive and control circuits. If the latest Si-IGBT modules were used in the dc-dc converter, it would be impossible to attain such an extremely high efficiency.
Finally, this presentation ends with the following message: “Since the 1980s, power electronics scientists and engineers have been making a long voyage from the Silicon planet to the Silicon-Carbide planet. It takes five years from now to complete this challenging voyage. The success in the voyage will bring a new world to power electronics.”


Biography: Hirofumi Akagi received his Ph. D. degree in electrical engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, in 1979. Since 2000, he has been Professor, currently Distinguished Professor, in the department of electrical and electronic engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Prior to it, he was Professor at Okayama University, Okayama, Japan, from 1991 to 1999, and Assistant and then Associate Professor at Nagaoka University of Technology, Nagaoka, Japan from April 1979 to 1991.
His research interests include power conversion systems and their applications to industry, transportation, and utility. He has authored and coauthored about 140 IEEE Transactions papers, and three invited papers in the Proceedings of the IEEE.
Dr. Akagi was elevated to the grade of the IEEE Fellow in 1996. He has received six IEEE Transactions Prize Paper Awards, and 15 IEEE Industry Applications Society Committee Prize Paper Awards. In addition, he is the recipient of the 2001 IEEE Power Electronics Society William E. Newell Award, the 2004 IEEE Industry Applications Society Outstanding Achievement Award, the 2008 IEEE Richard H. Kaufmann Award, the 2012 IEEE Power & Energy Society Nari Hingorani Custom Power Award, and the 2018 IEEE Medal in Power Engineering.
Dr. Akagi served as the President of the IEEE Power Electronics Society from 2007 to 2008 for two years, and the IEEE Division II Director from 2015 to 2016 for two years.

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