Dr. Don Tan
Dr. Don Tan
Distinguished Engineer and Power Products Manager
IEEE Fellow
Title: Intermediate bus architecture: A system’s perspective

Abstract: Four basic intermediate bus architectures are presented. Salient features for each system are discussed in detail. They cover input power stage, bus voltage level, output power stage, output regulation, multiple outputs, thermal property, system stability, and output impedance. Design tradeoffs are also presented to guide practical designs. It is concluded that the double regulated intermediate bus architecture has the best efficiency, regulation, thermal, and stability performances. Engineering hardware for the double regulated intermediate bus achieved a record efficiency of 99%. Recent advancement in switched-capacitor-based unregulated intermediate bus may provide higher power density.


Biography: Dr. Tan is NGAS Distinguished Engineer and Power Products Manager. He earned his Ph.D. degree from Caltech and is an IEEE Fellow.
Well-recognized as an authority in adiabatic power conversion and space energy systems, Dr. Tan has pioneered technological breakthroughs with high-impact industry firsts and record performances. His research and technology development have attracted significant customer funding and led to four company product lines and technology insertions into critical programs “that significantly enhanced national security.” He has given 50+ keynotes and invited talks. He serves frequently on national and international technical/funding review and prestigious position selection committees.

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