Dr. Gourab Majumdar
Dr. Gourab Majumdar
Senior Fellow
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Title: Power Devices indispensable for Advancing Power Electronics

Abstract: To meet the challenges of environmental issues such as climate change triggered by CO2 and greenhouse gas emission, use of efficient systems across the whole sphere of electricity supply-chain, covering electric power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption is spreading rapidly across the globe raising the importance of the power electronics and power device technologies to their highest level. On the consumption side, for example, use of electrified vehicles employing advanced on board power electronics systems – such as EVs, PHEVs and HEVs – is spreading rapidly worldwide, particularly in the advanced countries. One of the key enabler of power electronics’ growth in such domains of efficient electric energy processing is power semiconductor module. Currently, most of such power electronics systems use silicon based semiconductors such as IGBT modules and Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs). The Wide Band-Gap (WBG) materials (e.g. SiC and GaN) based power semiconductors are considered as prospective candidates to more aptly serve for performance challenges pursued by the applied systems. This keynote presentation explains such trends highlighting on state-of-the-art power semiconductor chip and module technologies.

Biography: Gourab Majumdar (b. 1955) received Bachelor of Technology degree in electrical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India in 1977 and Doctor of Engineering degree from Kyshuu Institute of Technology (KIT), Japan in 2005. He lived in Japan since September, 1978 and started his career in the country at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation on a special OJT program. He was employed by the company in 1980 and, since 1983, has worked in its units responsible for advanced power semiconductor development, design and applications. From April-2012 to March-2017, he served as Executive Fellow, Semiconductor & Device Group of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. On April-2017, he was reemployed by Mitsubishi Electric, Japan and currently acting as Senior Fellow, Semiconductor & Device Group of the same company. He has published and co-authored many technical papers and books on power devices and holds several patents in the related fields. He is a recipient of the prestigious National Invention Award in Japan in 2005 for invention of the IPM (Intelligent Power Module) fundamental concept and has also received a number of other prestigious awards, including the “Monozukuri Nihon Taishou” (Japan Craftsmanship Grand Prix) award from the honorary Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2013 for contribution in development and commercialization of various generations of IPM devices. He served as the General Chairman of ISPSD 2013 and has been participating as a member of both PCIM’s Advisory Board and ISPSD’s Advisory Committee. He received IEEE-ISPSD Contributory Award in 2017 for playing and active role in the field of Intelligent Power Module and Power ICs and contributing largely to the ISPSD. He was nominated to be one of the first 32 inductees to IEEE-ISPSD Hall Of Fame for his pioneering global role in progressing IGBT and IPM technologies, and was inducted to the same in May 2018.He has been a visiting lecturer of advanced power semiconductor devices at both Kyushu University and Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) for several years till date. Also, he has been bestowed with Honorary Professorship in 2016 by Amity University, India.

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