Prof. Sixiong Chen
Prof. Sixiong Chen
Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co.,Ltd
Vice President / Chief Engineer
Title: Research on the Reliability of Uninterruptible Power System
Abstract: The reliability of the uninterrupted power system is one of the basic conditions to ensure the safe operation of all the key electrical loads. The power flicker of tens of millisecond may cause the downtime of the key equipment such as the data center server and even lead to the equipment failure and damage. The report explained the reliability of the uninterrupted power system, including how dose the UPS equipment impove the reliability of the uninterrupted power system, how to analyse the reliability of the uninterrupted power system, what is the relationship between reliability and availability, and so on. The report try to, for users, re-explain the reliability of uninterrupted power system from another perspective and eliminate some industry misunderstandings.


Biography: Sixiong Chen, professor level senior engineer, expert with State Department special allowance, vice president of Fujian Power Association, vice president and chief engineer of Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co.,Ltd. He has taken charge of or participated in 1 National 863 projects, 12 national torch programs, 5 national key new product projects, and 4 national industrial upgrading projects, and won 11 items of the national or provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. His main interest is the research and development of the theory and application of digital and intelligent UPS, photovoltaic inverter, microgrid energy storage system, microgrid controller, and the industrialization and application of uninterrupted power system for data center.

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